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Culinary Nirvana in Malabar Coast

India 10 Days 9 Nights


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  • Experiencing the extraordinary culinary heritage of the Malabar Coast, flanked by the biodiversity hotspot "Western Ghats" and the "Arabian Sea", and evolved by an eclectic blending of distinctive cultures through trade and settlements - from Chinese to Arabs to Europeans – giving birth to one of the richest and unparalleled culinary legacies in the World. 
  • Exploring Kozhikode "Calicut" and Thalassery, the epicenters of Malabar cuisine, understanding the history of the spice route and experimenting with the Arab, Brahmin, Zamorin, and Chirakkal influences on the region's unique food culture.
  • Experiencing the famous Malabar hospitality, and learning to cook seafood and local delicacies with a local family, followed by an elaborate luncheon of curated Kerala festive meal "Sadya" on the banana leaf.
  • A 24-course menu food walk in Calicut, which had rightfully earned the moniker as The City of Spices, through the famous"Mittayi Theruvu" (Literally translated as Sweet Meat street) a.k.a. S.M. street, tasting local delicacies such as Biriyani, Kallummakkaya, Porotta, Irachi pathiri, Unnakkaya, the iconic Sulaimani tea, Kozhikode halwa, and many more.
  • A time travel through the colonial past of Calicut, visiting attractions such as the Kappad beach where Vasco da Gama - the Portuguese explorer and the first European to reach India by sea - landed for the first time in search of the Oriental spices, marking the beginning of colonial imperialism in India, the Pazhassi Raja Museum and archeological center, the Thikkoti Lighthouse, etc.
  • A multi-course haute-cuisine experience at a gourmet fine-dining Arabic-Indian restaurant in Calicut.
  • A cultural tour through the city of Kannur, "Cannanore" - the land of the Dance of the Gods "Theyyam" and Handlooms- and revisiting the stories from the historical past of the Arakkal Museum, the palace of Arakkal Dynasty - the only Muslim Royal Family in Kerala, St. Angelo Fort, etc.
  • Visiting the coastal village of Kadalundi, the earlier capital of the Chera dynasty and exploring its long history of trade relations with Romans, Arabs, Zamorians, and the British, situated next to the Arabian Sea Country.
  • Visiting top attractions in Nilambur such as Connolly’s Plot, the oldest teak plantation in the world, famous for its large teak trees located on the banks of the river Chaliyar, the world's oldest Teak museum and walking across the largest suspension bridge in Kerala.
  • Boat cruise through the Kadalundi mangrove bird sanctuary with an expert birder, sighting migratory birds and otters.
  • Chilling in the balmy small town of Mahé, known earlier as 'Maye', an ex-French colony which is now part of the Union Territories, on the banks of river Mayyazhi and also the smallest district in India (8.69 sq.km).
  • Wellness-rejuvenation 'Ayurveda' spa with whole-body massage sessions and yoga-meditation sessions.
  • An articulate story-telling travel companion who is intuitively familiar with the Malabar coast.

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  • The current itinerary can be customized to suit 'vegetarian', 'halal' and other special dietary modes as well and longer or shorter trails.

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