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A Rustic Wellness Retreat in Finnish Lakeland

Finland 7 Days 6 Nights


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7 Days & 6 Nights

6 People



  • Enjoy an intrepid and mindful adventure trail, practicing the art of "living in the moment" and getting attuned to your natural rhythm without distractions, rejuvenating your body and mind in the pristine Finnish Lakeland nature celebrating all things nature and all things pure.
  • Unwind and enjoy the charming Finnish Lakeland village hospitality in a picturesque pastoral village quaintly lying amidst rolling green hills, placid lakes, and wooden village houses in Northern Savo, away from bustling city life.
  • Experience multiple sessions of rejuvenating Finnish sauna traditions in a 19th century rustic rural house-turned-museum, “Kalapuro” in a traditional wood-heated sauna under the guidance of an expert holistic nature healer.
  •  Indulge in cleansing and relaxing wild herb sauna bath with birch sauna whisks and peat sauna masks using Lehtopeat’s approximately 5000-year old peat and local sauna specialties such as Koivumahla or fresh Birch sap juice and enjoy treatments such as foot bath made from wild herbs and flowers.
  • A deeply relaxing session of sound therapy in the village house using hand-forged Tibetan bowls, Finnish drums, gongs, and other musical instruments using their vibration frequencies to promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. 
  • Experience the celebrated Finnish wilderness hiking through the Korkeakoski canyon, the Korkeakoski waterfalls -Finland’s highest uniform waterfalls, bogs, and forest creeks.
  • Paddle in the quaint waters of the lake Maaninkajärvi to the Pirunpesä or the “Devil’s nest” bordered by steep rocky walls.
  • Experience the joy of e-fatbiking the Tahko slopes effortlessly through the gorge valleys and diverse landscapes.
  • Hiking with an experienced wilderness guide through the Tahko wilderness, through canyons and valleys, along the longest outdoor stairs in Finland, foraging for wild berries, and familiarizing with the Finnish flora and fauna.
  • Enjoy a traditional multicourse nature-to-table Savonian dinner sourced from local farms and forest, in the village house, including berry delicacies such as ‘Mustikkakukko’.
  • Experience the unique concept of "Forest Bathing" guided by a holistic healer, where you literally bask your body and mind in pristine green space and using the natural fountain water, Black Fountain "Mustalähde", known for its healing powers in ancient times and associated to the famous Finnish sage and healer Pekka Rissanen.
  • Learn about wild herbs from a wilderness guide and forage for edible wild herbs from the forest and make wild herb treats such as nettle pancakes or wild herb lotion.
Who is this for?
This off-the-grid outdoor-nature-wellness-sauna trail is ideally curated for small groups of adventurous, independent, and active travelers, particularly women who want to detox, relax, and reboot amidst nature. It includes a pampering week to nourish your spirit, away from the humdrum and noises of daily life by rediscovering your inner strengths and positivity in a digital-free zone and building up camaraderie with fellow travelers. This particular trail could also be customized to suit specific halal or other dietary needs and smaller groups of travelers and groups with kids.

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  • We reserve the rights to make alterations to the program and/or to the itinerary.

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