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Shrooming in Saimaa

Finland 4 home.days 3 packagedetails.nights Aug-2021/Oct-2021


4 home.days & 3 packagedetails.nights

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  • Catch on the mushroom madness and indulge in a uniquely experiential gourmet gastronomy-mushroom foraging-wellness trail in the Finnish nature, which produce a staggering two billion kilograms of mushrooms annually - an absolute haven for mushroom pickers with a diverse variety ranging from Chanterelles, Funnel chanterelles, Boletes, Brittle gills, Milkcaps, and exotic beauties such as black trumpet and false morels.
  • Experience being a Finn and set off for foraging trips with expert naturalists, identifying and foraging for mushrooms and wild herbs. 
  • Stay in the Lake Saimaa amidst Punkaharju nature reserve, one of the extraordinary beautiful Lakeland travel destinations in Finland.
  • Accommodation in the regal 'The Czarina's villa' of Hotel Punkaharju, run by the Finnish TV personality, international model and acclaimed mushroom queen Saimi Hoyer, built from the former Punkaharju State Hotel- the oldest in Finland, renovated in a way to pay homage to the original hotel's decades-long history.
  • Celebrate the exquisite Nature-to-Table local cuisine with fine-dining three-course and five-course dinners at Hotel Punkaharju restaurant, one of the four brand ambassadors of the Saimaa Gastronomy, awarded as the best Food tourism product 2019.
  • Experience the classic Lakeland activity of sauna and soaking in a hot tub by the colossal Lake Saimaa.
Who is this for?
This slow travel holiday is meant for travelers interested in the concept of wild food and sustainable living as well as who would like to learn in-depth about mushroom and berry foraging. The program can be curated for a diverse range of travelers and made to fit smaller groups as well.

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  • The prices quoted are on B2C basis, for direct sale to the customers.
  • Mushroom season is at its best in the end of the summer and in the autumn (late August to beginning of October).
  • Spring mushroom time is short and at its best during the last three weeks of May.
  • Kindly not that we cannot guarantee the abundance of mushroom as the availability varies from year to year. In a bad mushroom year, sometimes there may not be enough to take home with.
  • We retain the rights to change the itinerary.