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Slow Holiday in Savo-Karelian Lakeland

Finland 7 home.days 6 packagedetails.nights Jun-2021/Oct-2021


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Slow Holiday in Savo-Karelian Lakeland
Finnish Lakeland, the largest lake district in Europe, is a staggeringly beautiful blue labyrinth of lakes, islands, rivers and canals, interspersed with forests and ridges stretching for hundreds of kilometers. There is no place better than Lakeland to experience a slow holiday indulging in the Famous Finnish triad of nature, sauna, and water. Each of the Lakeland regions has its distinctive charms and its' signature culture, humor, and sublime cuisines should be experienced in person. This inspired itinerary reaches deep into the Lakeland heart, highlighting eco-inspired gastronomy, wellness, and nature activities in North Savonia and North Karelia Lakeland regions. 

  • A gastronomy extravaganza in Kuopio, the European Region of Gastronomy capital 2020-21, discovering innovative local flavors and renowned local culinary establishments such as Puijo rotating tower restaurant, Koivumaen Kartano manor house, and the award-winning Iso-Kallan Panimo craft brewery.
  • A sauna-spa wellness session including the iconic smoke sauna at the Saana outdoor spa offering unparalleled views of the Lake Kallavesi.
  • Charming Finnish countryside hospitality in a picturesque pastoral village and mild hiking in the pristine Finnish wilderness in Korkeakoski canyon nature reserve, known for its beautiful Korkeakoski waterfalls - Finland’s highest uniform waterfalls, accompanied by campfire picnic and traditional Savonian lunch, with locally-sourced ingredients.
  • A unique Karelian spa experience at Bomba spa resort on the shores of Lake Pielinen, in the quaint Karelian village of Nurmes, which was awarded as  Finland's Christmas Song City (2005) and the European Christmas Song City (2009).
  • Boating and island open-fire wilderness picnic with expert wilderness chef on the island of Kynsisaari island on Lake Pielinen.
  • Experiencing the award-winning nature-inspired kitchen at Puukarin Pysäkki, a unique Karelian guesthouse and its wood-fire Karelian à la carte menu, accompanied by story-telling and the live traditional Kantele folk music of Karelia.
Who is this for?
This trail is ideally curated for small groups of seasoned travelers looking to relax with authentic local experiences, great food, and spa sessions. The itinerary involves a moderate amount of walking and can also be tailored for customers with mobility problems. This particular trail could also be customized to suit specific halal or other dietary needs and can also be specially tailored for couples, smaller groups of travelers, or families with kids, by using public transportation and self-drive option.

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  • The prices may vary with season, date of booking and group size.
  • Transfers during weekends will cost extra.
  • A full-time escort can be hired (in multiple languages) if needed at an extra cost.
  • Transfers from and to Helsinki from the Lakeland region can be booked separately using our services using train/bus/flights.
  • We retain the right to change the itinerary and price.