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Vino-Vinyasa Retreat in Istria

Croatia 6 home.days 5 packagedetails.nights Oct-2021/Nov-2021


6 home.days & 5 packagedetails.nights

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Vino-Vinyasa Retreat in Istria
Yoga, Wine & Travel - Experience a  holiday worthy of dreams, amidst the charming Adriatic coastline, the green heart of Croatia - Istria!

From ancient Roman ruins, medieval towns, clear water bays, vineyards and olive groves, prosciutto, truffles, and all types of seafood, Istria is a treasure trove for culinary and culture lovers. This yoga holiday is set in the ancient coastal town of Novigrad, a small peninsula on the western coast of Istria. Accompanied by the experienced yogini, Tanja Lajunen, you will enjoy a perfect Meditteranean holiday escaping the late autumn blues, amidst unspoiled natural landscapes, rich heritage, and sublime food. You will visit some of the most picturesque medieval towns such as the charming little walled hill town of Motovun, the fairy tale town of Hum- the smallest town in the world located in the heart of Istria, and the artistic beehive of Grožnjan.

The Yogini
You will be guided by the experienced Vinyasa yogini, Tanja Lajunen, from the heart of Finnish Saimaa Lakeland, who have perambulated and practiced yoga in several countries across the globe. In addition to the Yoga guide, you will be also accompanied by a local throughout the length guided excursions included in the itinerary.

Language of Instruction
Finnish, English

Who is this for?
The itinerary is ideal for yoga enthusiasts and food lovers who are in search of an offbeat beach holiday.

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