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Finland Halal Tour

Finland 6 home.days 5 packagedetails.nights May-2021/Oct-2021


6 home.days & 5 packagedetails.nights

10 packagedetails.people



  • Experience a unique ‘halal’ holiday in Finland.
  • Combining the best of Helsinki and Lakeland Savo in one trip.
  • The best of the capital city, Helsinki including UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Rock Cathedral, Oodi library, interactive art museum Kiasma, etc.
  • An escorted walking tour of the quaint lake-front city on Kuopio in Northern Savo, awarded as the European Region of Gastronomy 2020-21 including Kuopio harbor, Market hall, Kuopio museum, Kuopio Quater Museum, Vainolanniemi, etc. 
  • Experience an authentic Finnish berry farm in Suonenjoki, the biggest producer of strawberry in Finland where you could pick and taste farm-fresh berries accompanied by a light picnic lunch on the farm and non-alcoholic berry wine made on the farm.
  • Enjoy a forest walk in Puijo hill, a unique landscape overlooking the Kallavesi lake and sculpted by the ice age, familiarizing the Finnish wilderness with an expert wilderness guide and learn to forage for wild berries, mushroom, and wild herbs.
  • Enjoy the spirit of Lakeland with a boat cruise on the beautiful lake Kallavesi navigating through countless islands, enjoying amazing waterfront views of the city of Kuopio.
  • Enjoy a guided halal food walk in Kuopio with tasting sessions of delectable Savonian cuisine in quirky local eateries including Puijo revolving tower restaurant, Koivumäki Manor house, etc, which are partners in Kuopio European Region of Gastronomy.
  • Enjoy making the typical Finnish summer outdoor treat, Finnish pancake "lettu", on an open-fire in the forest.
Who is this for?
This is a halal trail tailored for small groups (max. 14 persons), who would like to escape the mad rush of the cities and enjoy a laid-back Lakeland holiday experiencing delectable Savonian flavors combining the freshness of the clean nature, countryside, lakes, and forests, Halal-style.


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  • The prices quoted are on B2C basis, for direct sale to the customers.
  • The price is tentative and can be confirmed only after confirming the dates, activities and group size.
  • Accommodations would vary depending on the date of travel, number of travelers and final details will be provided only after number of travelers in the group is confirmed.
  • Itinerary is flexible and can be custom-made based on interest of the travelers.
  • All the meals are strictly halal.
  • We will use public transportation whereever possible to reduce the carbon foot print of the itinerary.
  • A travel companion will escort you for the entire duration of the trip.
  • The berries and mushrooms are seasonal, and their availability varies from year-to-year.
  • We reserve the rights to make alterations to the program and/or to the itinerary.


*The accommodations assigned are 3 and 4-star rated hotels and boutique summer cottages.
**The accommodation options are tentative and will be fixed only after confirming the group size, booking date, and availability.
***The given images should be used only for reference purposes.