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Sun, Sand & Saimaa

Finland 8 home.days 7 packagedetails.nights Jul-2021/Oct-2021


8 home.days & 7 packagedetails.nights

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Sun, Sand & Saimaa
Enjoy an intrepid women-only adventure holiday in the design city Helsinki and Finnish Lakeland Saimaa, celebrating "all things nature, all things women", in a country applauded for pristine natural resources, equality, women empowerment, and safety.

  • Relaxing retreat in the beautiful Finnish Lakeland region on the Saimaa Lake, the largest in Finland, formed by glacial melting.
  • Visit Savonlinna’s iconic Olavinlinna castle, the prestigious venue for the annual Finnish Opera festival.
  • Authentic Finnish wilderness adventure in Oravi and Linnansaari National Park in Lakeland Savo.
  • A guided kayaking safari in Lake Saimaa to spot the critically endangered Saimaa ringed seal, one of the rarest in the world.
  • Indulge in the famous Finnish pastime of seasonal wild food foraging learning to identify and pick edible berries, mushrooms, and wild herbs with an expert naturalist.
  • Wilderness island picnic.
  • Midnight sun sauna party.
  • A superb open fire menu laced with classic and traditional Savonian and Nordic flavors, sourced from fresh locally-sourced ingredients.
  • Guided scenery cruise in Savonlinna around the castle and city.
  • Guided tour visiting top Helsinki must-sees such as Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Oodi library, Rock cathedral, Kiasma, etc.
  • A beautiful archipelago canal cruise in Helsinki.
  • The visual extravaganza of experiencing Finland and its myriad landscape, pristine nature, and magnificent Arctic wonders with all your senses in the 4-D flying cinema tour.
Who is this for?
The trail is for adventurous, independent, and active women who want to relax and reboot amidst nature. The trail is planned to nourish the ultimate female spirit, away from the humdrum and noises of daily life by rediscovering your inner strengths and positivity in a digital-free zone. This particular trail is also customized to suit specific halal needs.

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  • The prices quoted are on B2C basis, for direct sale to the customers.
  • Berries and mushrooms are highly seasonal and their availability depends on the season and varies from year-to-year.
  • The kayaking experience is customized for beginner-skill level and experienced kayakers could opt for a whole day (7 hrs; including lunch in the nature) kayaking expedition in Kolovesi National Park characterized by narrow bays and labyrinthine islands for an additional price of 50€/person.
  • The package can be run in strict halal and other special needs requirement mode.
  • All the activities are guided by experienced wilderness and activity experts.
  • We reserve the rights to make alterations to the program and/or to the itinerary.


*The accommodations are tentative and will be finalized only after confirming the group size and date of booking.
**The images given here are just for standard reference purposes.
***The lakefront wilderness villa is equipped with an extensive kitchen and sauna