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A Savonian Appetizer

Finland 4 home.days 3 packagedetails.nights Jun-2021/Oct-2021


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A Savonian Appetizer
The Savonian culture, food traditions, and lifestyle are closely connected to nature and the Saimaa lake system traversing the landscape. With a strong agricultural community, some of the oldest Finnish family-owned food and beverage producers such as Olvi and Lignell & Piispanen, and chefs inspired to reduce the distance between the farm and table, the North Savo food culture is a delectable blend of traditions and creativity. Kuopio, the biggest city in the Savo province has been awarded the renowned European Region of Gastronomy title for 2021-21, a well-deserved recognition that celebrates the authentic and fabulous Savonian flavors. This is an itinerary intend on fast-tracking your way into the heart of the Savonian culture in Kuopio, introducing the European Region of Gastronomy partners, and promising a tantalizing journey across some of the best kitchens, and markets in the region highlighting sustainable food practices.

  • The ultimate Lakeland experience on the Lake Kallavesi meandering through the islands and waterways with the Saimaa specialty, "Muikku" or Vendace-themed menu served onboard.
  • Learn the stories of the local producers and farms in a unique way and a special three-course Farm to Table menu showcasing local farms and seasonal ingredients in the iconic Puijo Rotating Tower restaurant at the Puijo Peak nature reserve.
  • Visit the award-winning local craft brewery, Rock Paper Scissors, followed by an in-house tasting session of their specialty craft beers and long drinks.
  • Pamper yourself with a luxurious outdoor spa including a smoke sauna experience in the spa resort restaurant Saana overlooking the lake Kallavesi, followed by a dinner of the Saana special fish soup.
  • Brunch at the historic Koivumäki Manor set in a gorgeous landscape, and a walking tour hearing about the glorious history of the Manor dating back to 1792.
  • Delve deep into the artistic and cultural heritage of Kuopio, with a guided walking tour down the memory lane of the life and work of the acclaimed Finnish artist Minna Canth and visiting photography and art museums in the city.
  • Visiting the first Finnish countryside winery boutique selling berry-based wines produced on the farm with a tasting session of the in-house wines. 
  • Wine tasting session tasting the award-winning berry and wild botanical-based non-alcoholic wines from the Savo region at the Art Nouveau-style Kuopio Market Hall.
Who is this for?
This is an elite experiential culinary-culture trail ideal for small groups, who are in Kuopio for a short visit or want to experience Lakeland and its exquisite gastronomy traditions. The itinerary includes a lot of exploration on foot and easy walking. The trip could also be tailored around the main Lakeland summer festivals such as the SATOA culinary festivals,  Kuopio Wine festival, Iisalmi Wife Carrying Championship, Suonenjoki Strawberry carnival, Kuopio Tanssi ja Soi international dance festival, Savonlinna Opera Festival, etc. with tickets arranged separately. 

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  • The prices quoted are on B2C basis, for direct sale to the customers.
  • The weekend itinerary could be planned around one of the summer festivals in Kuopio.
  • We reserve the rights to make alterations to the program and/or to the itinerary.
  • The Smoke Sauna is only on certain days during the week and if the tour happens to start on days other than the scheduled Sauna day, it would be tailored accordingly.
  • Recommendations for restuarants, cafes, and pubs would be provided.


*The accommodation in the itinerary is four-star rated.
**The accommodation options are flexible and will be fixed only after confirming the exact group size and date of booking.
*** The listed images should be used for standard reference purposes only.