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If you were given a chance to break free from the chest-crushing madness of work and life and unwind yourself in a place with one of the cleanest air and water and among some of the most honest people in the world, would you take it? Finland, a little hidden gem, labeled as the ‘happiest country in the world’, now thrice in a row, has a lot of reasons for its happiness. We lead you on a path where you will not only discover these reasons but also get in touch with your true inner self. Known mostly as the land of the ethereal Northern lights and Santa Claus, they, however, are just part of a never-ending list of reasons why you should visit this country, a beguiling fusion of wilderness, contemporary design and nouvelle cuisine. With an incredible number of 188,000 glacial lakes and 180,000 islands sprawling across the country and almost 75% of the land area under forest cover, Finland is one of the top green destinations in the World, where you can truly lose yourself in the pristine nature away from the humdrum of daily life. Throw in the Lakeland, a blue labyrinth of undiscovered gems, white nights with the midnight sun, mystical Lappish fells, winter landscapes, and fabulous summers, and you’ve one irresistible country, standing out from your regular vanilla vacations and usual bucket-list destinations.

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