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About Us

The GreenEscapian Life

People will always want to travel and seek out varied experiences. Mainstream tourism often misses the main point behind “travelling” when they presume that every traveller has the same mindset and every need is the same. We believe that a travel curator’s responsibility goes beyond just serving pre-packaged tours or “sight-seeing experiences”, but rather introducing the traveller to mindful wholesome experiences, which are bound to get you off the daily conundrums of life and recharge your soul. We don’t believe in simply ticking off bucket list destinations, rather create memories and learning experiences, which will help you to grow in life and reconnect with nature. We aspire our travellers to be global citizens with a high level of openness to seek out unconventional experiences, explore offbeat destinations and embrace new cultures.

Experience Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism with Green Escape

Experience the best Sustainable Tourism in Finland with Eco travel agency in Europe. Explore with a positive attitude on your journey and nourishes your mind with sustainable mobility. Green Escape OY brings you to experience a unique Sustainable travel experience in Finland in the best manner.

Dig your negativity and negative thought that kills your mind with the best Responsible Tourism program that we bring before you. Explore the best program of Ecotourism in Finland with Green Escape and nourishes your mind with the active participation of positivity. Find the inner benefits of experiencing Green Escape Responsible tourism and the surprising facts.

Tourist influx in any area greater than the carrying capacity negatively impacts the local environment causing serious problems such as overexploitation of natural resources, increased emission, pollution and waste management. Concurrently, responsible and sustainable tourism has the capacity to help build communities, improve local economy, and instigate positive environmental change. In the present realm of rapidly changing climate, we urge our travellers to carry environmental values with them when they jet off to another adventure.

What we do

GreenEscape Ltd is a Finland-based Destination Management Company (DMC). We focus on experiential traveling to relatively undisturbed and undervisited areas of immense natural, cultural and historical significance for a wholesome travel experience in the host destination. We aspire to redefine and rebrand the concept of ‘’sustainable tourism’’, which has turned into a ‘’buzzword’’ currently into a solid and practical yet fun and sumptuous rewilding experience for everyone.

The driving force behind our company are the local enterprises and we aspire to maintain a close personal connection with each of our collaborators to develop a global network of tourism-based entrepreneurs large enough to create a significant impact on the general outlook and practice of sustainable tourism practices.

Our golden rule is to never offer an itinerary, include a destination or partnership with another company unless our team has personally visited the place, have done 100% verification of the ground truth and have personally bench-marked the itinerary. We intend to foster ‘clean sustainable tourism’ practices by promoting recycling, reducing the usage of environmentally harmful substances such as one-time use plastics, encouraging the use of organic biodegradable materials, use of public transportation, promoting local small and medium enterprises and investing in environment rehabilitation programs.

Who We Are?

We are environmental researchers-turned-ecotourism entrepreneurs, who are passionate travellers wanting to inspire and be inspired to create a niche for sustainable and responsible traveling. With our unique East-meets-West families, our goals of melting cultural boundaries cannot get any more personal.

Dr. Parvathy Venugopal
Product Development

Dr. Unnikrishnan Sivadas
Managing Director
Sales & Marketing

Destination Managers

Parvathy Venugopal

Madhukar Krishna

Maija Luhtasela

Why Book With Us?

  • Trips are planned by passionate travellers, who have an appetite for unique experiences
  • 100% ground truth verification of accommodation and activities
  • Sustainable and responsible tourism practices with direct collaboration with entrepreneurs
  • Ultra-curated, experiential and offbeat trails catering diverse themes for all customer profiles
  • Create memories and learning experiences, which will help you to rewild and reconnect with nature
  • No middlemen meaning unbeatable prices